to do list!
  • finish working on game shelf page
  • create a page for my figure collection
  • create shrine pages for umineko/higurashi and xenosaga/xenoblade
  • possibly make a shrine page for kos-mos??
  • maybe add an ffxiv diary page??
  • add a page for resources

Welcome to my site! My name is Vivi and I'm so glad you came to visit my little corner of the internet! This site is still a work in progress and I'm still learning how to code so I hope you don't mind the mess @__@; but I hope you'll enjoy your stay regardless!

I made this site as a way of creating my own space on the internet, a space that I can look at and proudly say that I created it as a way for people to truly understand me! Social media is too restricting and there's no real way to truly express yourself on there or have a space that is truly for yourself, which is why I wanted get into making my own neocities site! I'm having a lot of fun messing around with making this site and learning how to code, so I hope you'll stick around to see what I end up creating! Have a nice day!

Update log!
  • november 4 2023 - finished my finished recently page on my game shelf page, added a new entry to my art page
  • october 3 2023 - new entry added to my ffxiv diary!
  • october 1 2023 - added my ffxiv diary page (will continue to work on the page visuals tho)
  • september 13 2023 - finished my backlog page on my game shelf page
  • september 3 2023 - added my game shelf page
  • august 22 2023 - added update log to main page (finally), finished characters i relate to page on my about me page
  • august 21 2023 - finished favorite characters page on my about me page, added chatbox to main page

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here's some neat sites i enjoy along with some that i got my decor from!